Are You on a Diet? 

Are You on a Diet?

Are You on a Diet? You may have heard that Obesity is the number one health problem in the United States. If you are like me, you have tried to get thin many times. You have been on every diet and weight loss program out in the market but you are still fat. You’re not happy with your body and want to lose weight. Not only is this hard to do, you are also determines to stay fat for many years. I know this because I was also overweight throughout my childhood. That’s why I suffer from Obesity. Are You on a Diet?

Obesity is not wanted, this is the truth. And it is very important for you to get fat. Why? Obesity has many diseases associated with it. These diseases are hypertension, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, gallbladder disease, gout, snacker’s syndrome or even wearing excessively tight clothes can make you fat. You don’t know this but even without binging, eating excessively or skipping meals, you become obese. Obesity is a disease as we all know. Fat is important. Our body needs fat just like a car needs oil. If you don’t supply your body with fat, it won’t function at optimum levels. Read the below: Are You on a Diet?

Are You on a Diet? 

1. Every cell of your body will love you. The fat cells in your body will love you if you will feed them. In fact, they attach themselves to our vital organs, and they won’t let go when blood flowing through your body is decreased. They will stay attached even when possibilities of death are high. With time, your body will surely make its exit and be healthy and strong.

2. Obesity is like smoking and people know it and use a cigarette when having a craving. imagine an obese person with a cigarette stuck in his mouth. No matter how many gum sticks and chunks he chewed, nothing happens. This is the way obesity works. Same as cigarettes, you will be left with toxins that are deposited in your fat cells.

3. When your body isn’t supplied with enough fat, your appetite increases and you may try to overeat. If you’re able to stick to your diet, and I can assure you that your will be boosted by several orders of fries, burgers and other fatty foods, but no fat. Interesting is that your body won’t burn that fat, because fat needs oxygen, which is oxygen. But without proper supply of oxygen, fat cells won’t burn. Later on, everything will be ruined because of the heart problems you can get – high cholesterol, heart disorders, absent of body tissues, complete waste product of one body.

4. The fat in your food will turn into cholesterol because cholesterol brings two kinds of harm to your body. One is consuming fat and the other is cholesterol. If too much fat is accumulated in your system, it can cause hardening of arteries. It can also cause dreaded disease – atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis is unpleasant, dangerous and deadly disease that can strike down an entire family or friends. People die in this disease with symptoms -typhylene, anise and menopause.

5. Many people are ashamed of fat, and they think that fat is a curse that is targeted mostly on their body. It’s not. It’s your body. I have a feeling that you need fat. It’s your brain that needs fat and cholesterol and other nutrients and vitamins. Women need fat and cholesterol to be able to cater for Lunatic wing. Men need fat to be able to be fertile, and they also need fat to be able to be strong and they can fight and win the war against appetite. Fat is your energy. Your fat is what keeps you going throughout the day.

6. Fortunately, things are very dangerous nowadays. I know you don’t want to lose hope and I will tell you this: fat is good. I’ll give you an example: Afatfreecement will be more successful than an obese person in a weight loss program. You won’t be obese after the treatment, but kilos and pounds will be missing in your body.