Class A Motor Homes

Class A Motor Homes – What Are They?

By far the most popular motor home in use today is the Class A. Built on a van or truck chassis donor and towed by a pickup truck, these are some of the most luxurious motor homes available in existence. Travellers who wish to sleep in the vehicle instead of on the streets can find a Class A that suits their needs perfectly.

Class A motor homes are the vans of the past. Traversing through history, they are still beautifully maintained and well looked after. The roads though clunky and narrow at times, still bear the trials which they have endured through. The characters of the past are still reflected in the vehicles of the present, with the control and efficiency of the motorized version prevailing over the manual-operated counterpart.

Class A motor homes are extremely Manor-like, operating on an ancient chassis and adding an extra element of appeal to their exterior design, going beyond the structures that form the basic structures of a typical motor home.Interiors can be set up in a variety of ways, from pitch quiet living quarters with comfortable beds to full-bodied dining spaces with every accessory imaginable. Most enthusiasts strive to make their mobile home a home away from home, matching the amount of luxury offered in a hotel to create a truly remarkable experience.

Luxury is about experiencing nature, and as such, the Class A motor home falls in the camp of luxury. Weathering storms, fading into morning clouds or hot tips, tea made on a campfire and the early autumn foliage, these things happen. The pleasantly warmed spaces, the fine dining meals and the great company of family and friends at the campfire end the memories of a weekend spent at camp.

Class A Motor Homes

Class A motor homes also provide a place for adventure-seeking travelers to have a trip of their own. The open road beckons to those who fancy seeing more of the world and the thrill of driving fast and lightly. Driving at night, however, means practicing to handle two or more different situations and potential dangers. It requires extensive training and of course driving experience.

Most modern motor homes are built to last and last, making them suitable for careers as a family caravan shopper. Built to last, they also offer a level of reliability that attest to their years of service. Most also feature safety gears that complement the combativeness of their design.

Class A motor homes, or Chateau-Renaults as they are known locally, were built between 1916 and 1938 as farm vehicles for the French and Belgian royal families, now preserved for their usefulness in those countries. After World War II, these vehicles were brought to Britain and America as concept vehicles. The cool look of these vehicles, with their graceful shape and classic details, helped them to earn a reputation as Renaissance Inspiration for their structure and craftsmanship. Today, they are still highly desirable and used by the royalty and their guests. They have a long and colourful history, ranging from princely rulers of the past to princesses and the stars of the big screen.

Ashamed that their design is based on the Chateau-Renaults, the house manufactures are renowned throughout the world for their design, quality and overall performance. Their products are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also practical too. Mainly sold in Australia, they have become good investments and sets you apart from the rest.

Bearing all of their kits and luxury inside, theotonous and standard Chateau-Renault car and its spacious interior make the most of your precious adventure. Renowned for its Wind speed Acadia National Park travel trailer, ever since it’s development in the 1960s, the Chateau has been upgrades and created room to serve more families.


The roomy inside of the coach comes with towels, mirror, flush toilet and heating for those cold evening nights. You can reach the main inside cabin of this RV with the pull through system, which is extremely helpful for the older members of the travel trailer age group. Besides, the smooth sliding floor makes entrance and exit from the coach easier, and the queen walk around bed is a huge plus especially for the kids.

The optional power lift system developers Barangay aerial system lets you effortlessly slide the coach into places where normal means cannot be used. And with the easy installation of the travel trailer over it, you can sleep anywhere you like even in the most difficult to reach places.

Storage is 12C, Popularity 4.9 out of 5.

Weight unloaded is 3300 pounds.

Dimensions Length: imagine all those who will gather around your coach after a 19 mile trek on the beach!

Maximize Space: Lose those 20 pounds comfortably, without losing the comforts of home.

Compact: Locate the hangtag for storage. Keep all the fragile items inside a solid steel safe.