Male and Female Attraction

Male and Female Attraction

Male and Female Attraction – Posture, Words, and Actions

Male and Female Attraction : A workshop on male and female attraction will not end until they have both spoken and smiled a combined total of three sentences! Each of the 40 or so participants in this workshop will be working on two topics: posture and words.

The most important thing to have on your mind as you read the workshop program for the first time is that personal posture (the way you walk and carry yourself) is the most powerful cues given to women about you. Always walk tall, straight, and with purpose. Puff out your chest as you walk. Make slow, relaxed movements including hand movements, bending your knees, and tapping your finger on the table. Always hold your head high and your chest out. 유류분반환청구

Make sure you are friendly with the attendees of the workshop, and that they know to come speak to you after they have checked out your physical characteristics. Spend most of your time listening and not talking, and contribute to the discussion as much as possible. Ease away any tension in a natural way. Don’t be overly pushy or overbearing. Attitude is the key. Be self-assured and even confident, not arrogant, and don’t be insecure or nervous. If you have some apprehension about approaching an attractive woman and if you have difficulty developing a mutual rapport with the woman, this is your chance to demonstrate that you are self-confident by simply talking to her, sincerely asking her questions about herself (don’t be too much into yourself; women aren’t keen on this), offering some subtle body contact (not the grab-you-by-your-avage variety), and paying a compliment.

An example of a seemingly harmless comment to try as an opener: “Hi. You have a fantastic body.- What a lovely smile.- You must be a very pretty girl.- There are a lot of pretty girls like you.- I think you are very smart.- I like your hair.- I think you are an absolutely wonderful person.- I like your nose.- OK, I think we can be friends.- I can see that you are an interesting person.- I think we could be friends.- Hey, how have you been?

Finally, after you have opened a few doors, asked a few questions, and learned more about her, ask her for her number; and follow up with another line (not the same one) that adds anotherskills little secret; that is, at the end, when she is nodding in agreement, tell her that you are leaving. Let her know that you hope to hear from her in the weeks ahead because you want to continue to meet her. This is the perfect way to end the workshop.

As she turns to leave, say to her, “I love hearing from you. Maybe I’ll see you here again.” Then, while she is laughing and gaining on the others, ask her, “Have you e-mailed anyone yet?” Then, as she turns to you, give her the most regulation smile ever, lean in as you whisper “inky,” catch her eyes, and kiss her softly.

This is the new blueprint for what a workshop on male-female attraction can accomplish. For the men who want to have a habit of having smooth and lasting interactions with women, this is the fastest and most effective way to accomplish one.

Sports bar just doesn’t cut it. One-on-one interactions are what women find sexy. A good conversation calls for more words and less actions. At our Singles Online Dating event, we provide all the pertinent information to help you create a great first impression and have a rich and exchanging experience. Whether you are newly divorced or getting back out to square one after years of absence, there is much to gain from a workshop on male-female attraction.